Espresso Machine Critic was created because choosing an espresso machine for your business can be a headache if you haven’t done extensive research. The main issue I personally found when I was searching for my first espresso machine was that there isn’t a great deal of information out there on the web to help people make a good purchase decision. I wanted to change that. – Joan Miles

We’ve created resources and buyers guides so that you don’t fall into common mistakes to ensure that you buy the right espresso machine for both the size of your business and your businesses needs.

We run a small coffee house that encourages the arts. We believe happiness starts with expressing yourself. Our happiness comes from our thriving passion for espresso. A hub for the arts, we wanted to build a relaxed and creative environment for people to enjoy a nice cup while exploring the creativity of others.


Over 15 years ago, we were inspired by shows like Friends to build a place as such. While we don’t have our very own Gunther, we do have personable baristas that are a bit more helpful and certainly less creepy. So why Espresso? Joan Miles grew up around her parent’s coffeehouse. After both of their passing, she wanted their legacy to live on through a modern day version of her vision. Some of the menu items included are inspired by Joan’s parent’s coffeehouse from the 80’s.

Speaking of the menu, our’s includes Italian derived espresso creations like Antoccino, cappuccino, and French drinks like Café Bombon and Breve. With only the highest quality espresso machines, our goal is to not only provide a fantastic atmosphere in our coffee house, but also a quality drink. Of course, we have basic drinks, too, like a latte, macchiato, and pure coffee, but we adapt to trends and head off on our own trails, too. We also give freedom to our baristas to create their own drinks, which allows them to have fun with customers who want something different.

Open seven days a week, we aim to be open as many days of the year as we can, allowing people to come somewhere when they don’t have anywhere else to go. We enjoy new personalities while providing delicious treats, even on holidays.


I hope that you find this website useful, if you need to contact us, you can do so via our contact page.