Bezzera Magica Review

Bezzera MagicaBezzera has created Italian-made espresso machines since 1901. Founded by Luigi Bezzera, he was the sole patenting person for the innovative process of preparation. The very first espresso particular machine made its debut in 1906 at the Milan International Fair. Since then, the world of espresso has undergone changes, reflecting in the appliances put out by Bezzera. One of their successful commercial espresso machines includes the Bezzera Magica.


I own multiple small locations around the state, and I try to incorporate one new product at each place. I have my standard machines and for one of the locations, I have the Bezzera Magica. It matches the industrial décor of my breakfast shop and does an excellent job at providing a delicious product. Before speaking about anything else, I’d like to highlight the features of the Bezzera Magica:

Features of the Bezzera Magica

E61 Group Head – For more than five decades, the E61 group head has been the gold standard for the espresso machine, and it’s famous for a simple reason: its operation and how it optimizes the workflow of the espresso machine. What this group head does is that it’s heated through a thermosyphon system. In order for the head to remain hot, it circulates water through it.

Exchanging boiler – The copper boiler only has a 2-liter capacity (which can be a large disadvantage), but the heat exchanging system is fantastic, regardless. If you don’t understand what this means, it means that you can steam milk while you’re extracting espresso at the exact same time. This dual purpose feature allows you to get more things done at once by providing a faster product.

Joystick styled knobs – The joystick styled knobs are some of the trendiest right now in the espresso design field. It’s a very particular field, but espresso machines are a hot item! Ergonomically, they’re fantastic, and will reduce your chances of getting carpal tunnel, but they also serve an impressive purpose: they have an inability to be over tightened! In having this feature, you won’t have to worry about not being strong enough to untighten or worry about the joysticks breaking.

Built-in cup warmer – We don’t have much to say about this other than it’s extremely convenient for keeping the drink and the cup itself, warm!

Here’s the Magica in action:

Bezzera Magica in Action

Let’s talk electric:

Even though the output on this machine is incredible, the wattage is surprisingly low for an industrial / commercial espresso machine. With a “high” 1350W heating element, the thermostat in this model accurately maintains a consistent temperature. The Bezzera Magica Commercial Espresso Machine uses 230V on a range of 208V to 240V. Despite being such a powerful model without much wattage behind it, it is also surprisingly light at 60 pounds.

For espresso extraction, the Bezzera Magica has two separate manometers for measuring standard boiler pressure and then a second manometer for measuring the pressure of the extraction. This allows all extractions to be as precise as possible, opening the window for extraction and giving a delicious and tasty beverage.


Lastly, I love the Magica’s ability to not only brew and steam at the same time, but also generate hot water. This makes up for the small boiler capacity and the smaller water reservoir.

Bezzera, in general, is one of my favorite brands for espresso machines, as I’ve been exposed to them since I was young. My family was also an espresso loving group, which fueled my passion for creating my own stores after my parents passed. I enjoy keeping their legacy alive through a small incorporation of Bezzera products.

Other than the small copper boiler capacity (2-liters maximum) and 4-liter water reservoir, I highly recommend this product for a streamlined espresso creation process. Using the best parts known in the espresso industry, you can reliably and confidently give your customers a wonderfully tasting product.

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