Do Commercial Espresso Machines Require a Lot of Maintenance?

Adding a new appliance to your business’ roster should also come with a preliminary checklist of what needs to be done when you have the machine. An espresso machine, especially at a commercial level, is a key appliance to your business. While keeping the machine continuously running is a given, do they actually require a lot of maintenance in general?

Daily Maintenance

With any business that serves beverages and edibles, you should always expect daily maintenance before and after shifts. Cleaning your appliances is a crucial factor in maintaining the health and safety of your customers. Without doing so, you’ll not only receive a fine from the health department, but you can put others at risk because of your laziness. No matter what, espresso machines should be cleaned after daily usage, so that it’s clean and ready to fire up in the morning.

Commercial espresso machines can last anywhere from 1 to 15 years, and maintenance plays a key factor in this. When you’re able to keep it clean and functioning well, the longevity of the machine increases. Much like a car, the more you give it attention and keep it pristine, the longer you’ll be able to have it. In return, the machine pays for itself quickly while making every dollar worth it.

Cleanliness Affects Taste

Did you know that the cleanliness affects the taste of your product? When you don’t clean the machine often, you run the risk of residue tainting your product, especially if your espresso machine functions on hard water. Hard water contains numerous minerals and impurities, causing a harsher taste to the espresso drink. Incorporating cleanliness along with a soft water kit will allow your espresso to taste the best, no matter if it’s the first cup of the shift or the last.

Cleaning the machine depends entirely on the individual cup count, as it differs on manufacturers. Many commercial espresso machines require regular cleaning and maintenance for optimal functionality. While this may be inconvenient, if you’re running a business that involves eating, drinking, and the health of others, you must abide by code and rules. One day of laziness isn’t worth risking someone else’s life.

How Often Should I Backflush?

No matter what, your commercial machine should experience a back flushing of detergent every night, after every shift. Even if you only opened for a few hours on a holiday, it’s important to kick the grime before it sticks. In performing a nightly backflush routine, you can remove the grime and residue from the shower screens, filter baskets, and group heads for optimal taste in your beverage creation. One day per week, you should soak your baskets and portafilters in water and specified detergent. Don’t forget to rinse thoroughly with water, no one likes detergent tasting coffee!