Matching Machines: Does the Color of My Espresso Machine Need to Fit My Commerce Décor?

One of the most important aspects of a physical business location is the design and how functional it is. Something as small as an espresso machine can make or break the theme of the restaurant or coffee shop, turning people off the environment. Operating a business, whether small or large, is about creating a welcoming and fun environment, no matter how serious the industry you’re in. For example, a coffee shop with a retro theme provides a nice and quaint location for someone to drink their coffee.

A quick list of common décor mistakes for restaurants:

  • Mismatched décor and appliances
  • Tacky and cheap looking décor (don’t sacrifice quality to put a few dollars in your pocket)
  • Messy theme
  • Cheap furnishings and much more

Something as simple as an espresso machine can be the reason you fail the décor aspect of your restaurant. Your businesses’ image is everything and matching is the key to success in creating a successful theme. Read further to learn about the advantages of matching everything, including your appliances, as well as the disadvantages of not matching.

The Advantages of Going Matchy-Matchy

Some may believe that matching commerce décor may seem tacky, but when done right, it provides that quaint and nostalgic feeling that most people subconsciously look for in a favorite coffee shop. Espresso machines can play a large part in that finishing touch for the theme. While it’s not only about having a theme, espresso machines should match your décor in some way, shape or form.

You may be wondering, “what if I don’t have a theme?” That’s totally okay. Commercial businesses that don’t have a theme should still look into espresso machines that match their inner surroundings of their business, so that it looks more organized. If someone walks in and sees a retro styled espresso machine in a not-so-retro environment, it will stick out like a sore thumb. An industrial, and minimalistic machine may fit better in a sleek and modern restaurant environment.

Figuring out a theme and sticking to it will create a memorable environment. In doing so, word will spread, and your business may become a hub for locals; helping you garner new customers. Pair the perfect espresso machine with a barista that has a personality for miles and you’ll be one of the most popular shops in town.

The Disadvantages of Not Matching

Now that we’ve outlined how matching can improve your customers experience, let’s discuss the disadvantages of completely ignoring matching. For starters, your customers may be confused on what’s going on. When you walk into a restaurant like Friendly’s, you see a retro theme with vintage photos plastered on the wall. A design like this helps customers remember the past that Friendly’s has, making it seem more family-friendly. Without this, they wouldn’t be “Friendly’s” and wouldn’t be as memorable of a restaurant.

If the rest of your appliances are high-end, and you decide to opt for a cheaper espresso machine that doesn’t quite match the quality standards, it may look tacky and sway customers from actually purchasing espresso related products. My friend who works in the food industry once cut a pizza with her left hand, and the older woman refused to eat it because it was “tainted” – all because she cut it with her left hand. My point? Some customers are crazy and will find any way to complain and not purchase a product; don’t let the style of your espresso machine be one of these reasons.