Elektra ART.SX Microcasa Review

Elektra MicrocadaElektra doesn’t do just espresso machines; they actually dabble in a number of items. From dining and kitchen products to toys and games, they’ve been able to branch out and successfully take on every product niche possible. Their espresso sector was officially founded in 1947 by Umberto Fregnan in Dosson di Casier, Italy, creating high-quality machines with an aim to make them as distinguishable from others as possible. With this next machine, we have to say that they’ve successfully done so.

The Elektra Art.SX Commercial espresso machine was one that I was able to try at one of my small breakfast locations. Features of this semi-automatic espresso machine include:


  •       Three red switches: power, coffee brew, boiler refill
  •       Signature brass eagle on dome
  •       Standard 10. In. base
  •       Water level sight and pressure gauge


All of these features are important for specific reasons. With only three buttons, the ease of use of this seemingly intricate machine is perfect. While the design tricks the potential customer into thinking it’s harder than most electric machines nowadays, it’s actually not! I can say fully that this was one of the easiest machines to use. You can also brew coffee and refill the boiler from the water tank with one simple button!

The water reservoir has the ability to keep a temperature of 86.8 Fahrenheit for one hour, and then 109.9 Fahrenheit for two hours. Speaking of the water reservoir, the maximum size is 2.3 liters at its highest, with 2.1 liters being the lowest. It’s quite a small reservoir in comparison with other models, but other features make up for this.

As for the electrical output, the machine is small, yes, and the wattage is too! With less than 1,000 watts overall, the boiler makes up a portion of that at 800 watts. The volts range between 110-120V, which is half of what many commercial espresso machines are. Because of the size of the reservoir and wattage, it’s safe to say that this machine is best for small businesses that don’t see hundreds of people per day. Ideally, this is great for bed and breakfasts or for cafes that have more than one of these machines. It has a unique and charming design, while producing a sufficient amount for the foot traffic. Speaking of the design – let’s look into Elektra’s signature espresso appearance.


Elektra MicrocadaWhat’s not to love about the signature brass eagle on the dome of this espresso machine? A key in the Elektra espresso machine series, it gives a hint of masculine, retro, and whimsical elegance. As for the other end, the standard 10-inch base allows optimal durability while you’re creating cups of coffee throughout the day. You won’t have to worry about the machine knocking over or shaking too much, as it acts as an anchor to the counter.

The size of the base is also a great indicator of the little amount of counter space you need, as it’s the widest part of the machine. The tallest part of this machine is 25” in height, so if you have a small section of counter space to the cabinet area, this may not work for you. However, if you don’t have anything hanging over, incorporate this into your lifestyle immediately!


Last but not least, there is a visual sight of the water level, along with a cute little pressure gauge that ties in the vintage style of this Elektra commercial espresso machine. The only disadvantage to having this is that it may not match the aesthetic and décor of your business, or your office, but it works like a charm. I highly recommend this based on aesthetics alone, and it sure is a beauty.

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