Elektra ART. SXC Microcasa Review

Elektra Semi-Automatic Chrome MachineAnother semi-automatic machine from Elektra, the only difference you between this and the alternate version is the finish. Since Elektra has been spoken of before, you may already know and remember that their espresso sector was officially founded in 1947 by Umberto Fregnan in Dosson di Casier, Italy. Their Elektra ART espresso machines are one of my favorites in the entire world, besides Bezzera, and there are a few reasons why. Features of the Elektra ART.SXC include:

Features of the Elektra ART. SXC Microcasa

Pump-operated device – The pump allows you to deliver water to the group head while allowing you to refill the boiler.

Minimal assembly – Unlike many other espresso machines, the only assembly required for this one is the steam wand. No more breaking a sweat attempting to become a handyman or woman. Have your machine setup within minutes to provide your customers with a delicious product.

Three simple buttons – Instead of having a dozen buttons to do what you want to do, there are only three buttons on this fantastic model. It includes the power button, the coffee brew button, and the boiler refill button. Having everything in a small control area has made it easier for me to deliver customers their espresso quicker. I’ve had my fair share of intricate espresso models, and they’re more of a hassle and not worth the purchase. However, Elektra has channeled their intricacy into the design itself, as well as the functionality. Simple functionality with a unique design – just my type!

Twist-knob control – The specific twist knob feature on this espresso machine allows you to quickly turn off the machine with no issue. Other models from different manufacturers have a wait time from when a button is hit to when the machine shuts off. This is a great safety and ease of use feature.

Microcasa Chrome Up Close

Best for small businesses like a bed and breakfast, the wattage on this machine is low, but so is the water reservoir. This isn’t too much of a big deal for those who are using it in a smaller commercial sense, but isn’t something a larger business would use, unless you have multiple of them for a themed restaurant. With a high water reservoir capacity of 2.3 liters, the low end of this capacity is 2.1 liters. Less than 1,000 watts overall, the boiler itself takes up about 800 of these watts. The range for this semi-automatic commercial espresso machine is between 110V and 120V.

Like an anti-vacuuming device, the Elektra ART. SXC Microcasa has a pressure relief valve. This is so that the pressure within the cylinder and overall machine doesn’t build up so high that it explodes. When steam, pressure, and temperature collide, it can be a dangerous and very scary outcome. This one valve is what separates contentment from catastrophe. Employee and consumer safety is always a number one priority, and should be taken into account when purchasing a commercial espresso machine.


The one disadvantage to this piece isn’t the design, but the lack of one of the items featured in the promotional photos. If you didn’t read too far into the description of the model, the wooden handle that adds charm and character is no longer on this model. Regardless, this still works like a dream and has other distinguishable features like the flying eagle, the pressure gauge, and more. I recommend this for any small scale business. The chrome finish is beautiful and it adds a touch of unique elegance to any coffee shop or breakfast area.

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