How to Solve Espresso Inconsistency

For new baristas, consistency is something that can be overlooked due to their lack of experience. However, the veteran baristas are picky and aware, as they want to deliver the best product to the customer. We aren’t saying that new baristas don’t, they just don’t know how to look for these problematic inconsistencies yet.


When the first shot of the day is poured, it may look great, and that customer will keep returning at the time to get a delicious cup, but for those that may come after them, they might not get the same consistency if you don’t keep an eye on it. You may be losing customers one cup at a time. To make sure the last espresso cup is just as consistent with the first, you may want to learn a few things.


Weighing Every Shot


Experimenting with timing and weighing plays a huge role in ensuring the consistency is just right for every espresso shot. Sure, weighing every shot can seem like much instead of just hitting a button and pulling the cup when it’s done, but going that little extra step will ensure that your customer’s stay around. As a barista in the service industry, it’s a part of your job to keep the product consistent. If this means weighing the shots every time, it’s a part of your job. You may also be wondering if it really helps you improve your serving game. Let’s take a look at how to solve espresso inconsistency through multiple methods.


Solving Espresso Inconsistency


While none of the steps of your workflow are removed or replaced, weighing your espresso shots just adds a few steps. These steps include:


  • Placing your empty portafilter on the scale
  • Grinding your coffee into the portafilter, weighing it again afterwards (if this amount if perfect for you, you can continue on. If not, discard the excess or add more if needed)
  • Distribution of the coffee in the basket. You can do this through light tapping as if you were sifting – tamp accordingly
  • Insert the portafilter back into the machine’s group head as normal
  • Placing the cup on the scale, if it’s good, you want to put it under the portafilter afterwards
  • Once under, you may hit brew to concoct the perfect espresso consistency


Weighing, adding, and removing can seriously affect the espresso, so it’s important to know exactly how much goes into making the perfect shot. Even a gram or two can create a serious difference in extraction time, and of course, flavor. When it does do this, the consistency will fail and won’t be the same as the last. Becoming an expert in this craft will ensure that you’ll barely have to do anything to create the perfect consistency continuously.