La Pavoni BAR-STAR 2V-R Review

La Pavoni BAR-STAR 2V-RLa Pavoni is a best-selling company specializing in kitchen and dining appliances of all styles. Anytime a professional in the industry hears this name; they may automatically think of the 1905 patent with La Pavoni that helped revolutionize the industry. Desiderio Pavoni was the man behind the brand, and the legacy continues since his passing. One of the espresso machines that has kept this legacy going is the La Pavoni BAR-STAR commercial espresso machine.

Back home, I have one very small breakfast restaurant in a very busy location. Along with my standard 4 group head machines, I have the La Pavoni. Even though it’s not a 4 group head machine, it’s definitely worth the purchase. The retro feel of the appliance goes with the overall theme of my restaurant, and it pumps out one delicious drink. Features of this product that I’m infatuated with include:

La Pavoni BAR-STAR 2V-R Features

2 group head – Two is always better than one, and I can handle a couple of cups at a time on slower mornings with this device. I have a few older customers who expect me to use this machine because it really is a world of difference in comparison with other brands. It’s no four group machine, but if there were one of this exact type, I would purchase it. La Pavoni does it best.

Water softener – I absolutely love water softeners. Anytime I come across an espresso machine that doesn’t have one installed; I skip over it immediately. Hard water in the espresso is not something that’s desirable, and until you’ve had an espresso with soft water, you won’t know the difference. When you do, it’s crazy how different it tastes. A water softener makes the hard water soft by removing minerals, purifying the water. The more pure the water, the better tasting.

Energy saving power switch – I may spend an abundance of money on espresso machines, but I’m actually very picky and anal when it comes to saving money. Espresso machines can be a powerhouse on the utility bills, but this one comes with an energy saving power switch that’s done surprisingly well for me. I’ve saved around $15 per month by using the switch.

Minimal buttons – There’s nothing worse than a machine that has 50 buttons and is trying to get you to hit three at one time. The simplicity of this machine with few buttons and a digital control pad allows an even better use. You won’t have to sit there for 20 minutes trying to work the machine while your customer waits.

La Pavoni Bar Star in Black
La Pavoni Bar Star in Black

The water softener comes with an installation kit, which is an advantage on its own. The water softener measures in at a 12-liter capacity, which is higher than most water reservoirs on smaller commercial espresso machines. Of course, with a great capacity of any kind (both water softener and copper boiler at 14-liters), a higher electrical output is required.

The electrical output on the BAR-STAR 2V-R includes a 230V requirement on the standard 208V to 240V range, while it also has an output of 4370W. This isn’t the highest, but it’s up there in comparison with smaller models shown. However, this is a decent amount for the 2-group ability. Most on the lower end are only 1-group, but the La Pavoni BAR-STAR creates more coffees, quicker.


All in all, this machine does exactly what it says it will and provides some of the freshest product I’ve ever tasted. Trust me; I’ve tasted a lot. As for the design, it may be a disadvantage to those who don’t have room for a cherry red retro styled espresso machine, BUT there is one in black that kind of matches the rustic/modern style.

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