Nuova Simonelli Musica Review

Nuova Simonelli MusicaOwning a small business can sometimes be hard because finding the proper machines to optimize workflow is tough. You spend thousands of dollars trying to find the best machines possible while seeking to please customers at the same time. I’ve been there, and you’re trying to avoid being there while stressed. Thankfully, I believe this Nuova Simonelli Musica Commercial Espresso Machine may solve your problems.

Simonelli specialized in various espresso machines, acting as a frontrunner in the appliance genre. A mysterious company with not much information about its conception, I was skeptical about trying them. However, I’m glad I did!



Features of the Musica model include:

  •       Pour-over method
  •       Energy saving heat exchanger boiler
  •       Endless steam power
  •       Simultaneous espresso brewing

The French Press method uses a beaker styled pouring process, whereas the pour over doesn’t. For decades, the French Press style was the go-to (since the 1920’s), but with the modern revitalization of espresso machinery, the pour over style has reigned supreme. While French Press does deliver a rich taste that one can’t complain of, the pour over style does give a wholesome and addicting taste.

If you’re curious about a direct connection to the water line, unfortunately, this model cannot be directly connected. While not too much of a disadvantage, there is another version of this same exact espresso machine that offers a direct connection if that’s a deal breaker for you.

Buttons on Musica Espresso MachineThe endless steam power allows employees to continuously create delicious cups of espresso without having to wait. A streamlined espresso process within one small machine. With the implemented LED menu, you’re able to program when you want the espresso to stop filling up a cup – it’s a simple feature, but works wonders.

The Musica allows you to start the machine up using room temperature without having to equalize the pressure through the opening of the steam valve. This saves a ton of time from my experience and one of the few models I’ve worked with that has this feature.

Personally, I was disappointed that this machine didn’t play any music, and I often wonder why this was named as it was. For those who don’t dive too much into the specifications of the machine, they may be disappointed, too, causing the name itself to be a disadvantage of sorts.

Finally, who doesn’t love simultaneous espresso brewing? It’s a time saver and allows you to give your customer the product much quicker than other machines. Being able to do two things at once is a lifestyle for those with minimal employees – especially if one calls in sick! The Musica model allows you to take on tasks comfortably without stressing out as a small business. This is one of the reasons I highly recommend this model.

The Musica in action

Any new business is going to have a bit of a rough time trying to train employees while creating the best product possible for their consumers and potential customers. When one cup of coffee is wrong, word of mouth gets around. For new businesses, this is bad! As much as I want to train employees individually, machines that are easy to use are the go-to to make everyone happy.

The Nuova Simonelli Musica was able to do that, presenting minimized employee training with confidence in the output of product.

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