Rancilio Epoca ST Review

Rancilio Epoca ST-1Rancilio is a popular name in the world of reputable espresso machines. Like most espresso machine manufacturers, Rancilio was established in Parabiago, Milan, Italy in the year 1927.

When espresso machines were on the rise, Robert Rancilio came to the forefront and dedicated his life to perfect the machine that made mornings wonderful.  The Epoca series specifically was a revitalization of the brand in 2001. Over 15 years later, the Epoca series still runs as strong as their espresso.


Looking at aesthetics first, this gray machine is gorgeous in the most simplistic way possible. It may not be semi-commercial, but I was given this by someone as a gift. Instead of using it in one of my main shops, I use it at home. Even though it’s no industrial machine, it’s still great for small cafes or B&B’s.

Rancilio Epoca ST Features:

  •       No water connectivity needed
  •       Semi-automatic
  •       Built-in water softener
  •       Water tank inside

One of the reasons I like this one is because I didn’t need to install the water softener in order to validate my machines warranty. For espresso machines, a professional must install the water softener so that you receive the warranty. It’s absurd, but some brands will do anything possible not to replace their poorly made appliances.

With the Rancilio Epoca ST, the water softener is already installed and ready to go! I no longer have to run to my store very early in the morning and have one of the busy baristas whip me up a decent espresso. The taste of hard water in a potential fantastic cup is devastating, particularly since I am an espresso connoisseur myself.

While automatic machines are perfect for most of the businesses I run, I still enjoy a bit of handcrafted coffee. This model is semi-automatic, allowing me some control and it doesn’t even have to be connected to the water tank. In having this, it’s one less component I need to do maintenance on.

Rancilio Epoca ST in action
Rancilio Epoca ST in action

Being over 115 pounds, the Rancilio Epoca ST Commercial Espresso Machine may only produce one cup at a time, but it has an immense amount of stability. The weight not only has to do with it’s structure, but the fact that it has a built-in water tank within. For those wondering about the plumbing, this espresso machine has a built-in water tank, eliminating the need for a direct connection to your water supply. Extremely handy, this independence thriving machine can deliver espresso quick without tacking on an even higher water bill. Speaking of utility bills, let’s analyze the electrical output for the Rancilio Epoca.

Let’s talk power

A much lower wattage than many commercial espresso machines, the electrical output of the Rancilio is 230V (on a 208V to 240V range), 50HZ, and 1700W. Compare this 1700W to the 6000W you’ve seen before with a commercial espresso machine and you can understand the difference. While this has no effect on how well the product tastes afterward, it does have a positive effect on your utility bill. You can create a delicious product without running up the electricity. The reason behind this may be because of its 1 group system. This is both a pro and a con.


If you are using this for a small business, the only disadvantage that I can find is the fact that it’s only a 1-group machine. You can only create one cup at a time with this device, although that’s definitely not a deal breaker. For those who are only putting it in a small hotel lounge, B&B or complimentary breakfast area, this appliance will suffice. For very small businesses, I highly suggest the Rancilio Epoca.

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