Schaerer Ambiente Espresso Machine Review

Schaerer Ambiente Espresso machineCreated by Schaerer, the Schaerer Ambiente Espresso Machine is another top of the line, industrial grade espresso machine that I had the pleasure of trying. The Schaerer company is known in the world of espresso machines for their industrial, commercial espresso machines. Founded in 1892, Schaerer was originally a medical equipment manufacturer but didn’t turn into the world of espresso until 1970, when their first coffee machine was created. Now, they’ve sold over 26,000 machines around the world.


Initially, many things were promised with this fully automatic espresso machine, and I was nervous if the process would go smoothly. Thankfully, I held out until the end and I use it to this day in one of my best breakfast establishments.

Some of the features I was impressed with include

  •       32 oz./1-liter of milk per minute
  •       Up to 120 shots PER HOUR
  •       Automatic grinding
  •       Dual grinders and hoppers
  •       Automated cleaning cycle

Let me tell you: this machine makes my life and job a heck of a lot easier. The precision and speed of this machine is fantastic, allowing me to create up to 120 shots an hour. Yes, you read that right – AN HOUR. For a standard 10-12-hour business day, I can create around 1,200 to 1,400+ shots. As my business grows, this speed would still work for a larger scale business. With automatic grinding from their dual grinder and hopper function, everything is done faster than you can blink.

Because more product is being produced, you think it would be messier. Thankfully, there’s a 5-minute automated cleaning cycle, so you don’t have to worry too much, but I always believe in maintaining the pristine quality of the machine yourself, regardless of its cleaning capabilities. It’s been mentioned that the temperature sensor is inconsistent, but personally, I’ve never had a problem with it, and it may just be a defective batch on their part. If you’re willing to look past this, you’ve got a great machine on your hands.

Here’s a quick video which explains some of the Ambiente features:

As for the electrical output of the Schaerer Ambiente, it has a voltage of 208V within the range of 208V to 240V and 1ph. In short, PH is a characteristic of the power supply, not anything to do with the water. Speaking of water, for this Schaerer model, a drain line IS required during installation. As for the amp output, this machine has a rating of 30 and coincides with the voltage and the voltage circuit range.

With an auto-shut off steam wand feature, there’s also a built in temperature sensor. The two combined create a safe auto-turn off system for when things get a little too hot. As mentioned, the Schaerer Ambiente Espresso Machine has both grinding and hopping capabilities – but what’s the difference? For newbies, this will be resourceful. If you’re not new to the world of espresso, continue reading.

A hopper is a tapered machine inside the espresso machine that allows the coffee to discharge the remnants of the crushing below. A grinder is the same exact thing, but they use different words. Knowing this will allow you to not be so confused on your search for the best commercial espresso machine.


Small coffee shops aren’t the only businesses that can benefit from a Schaerer machine, as they’ve proven reputable and reliable for hotel breakfast areas, airport lounges, but aren’t fully manual, which may be a drawback for small business owners looking to bring a more “home” vibe to their craft. Since that’s all a personal preference, and not an interference with the operation of the machine (which is fantastic, by the way), I highly recommend a Schaerer espresso machine product over any.

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