Espresso Machine Critics Scholarship

If you’re good at writing essays, don’t miss this opportunity provided by Espresso Machine Critic.
EMC is a service that helps people choose the perfect coffee machine for their needs.
To participate and potentially get a $1,500 award, write and submit an essay on the following topic: “Drinking Coffee Daily: Good or Bad”.

Make sure that your essay is at least 1,500 words long, but not longer than 2,000. When you’re finished, submit it via email to with subject “EMC Scholarship Application”. The email should include:

  • The essay in PDF
  • Your personal info, including full name, phone, address, and email
  • A proof that you’re a college student

Note that you can’t apply if you’ve won last year. Other than that, we encourage students from all around the world to apply.

The application may not include any of the following topics:

The deadline for the application is February 1, 2018. The winner will be announced by February 10. We will then proceed to send her/him the award via check, which is why it is important that you send us your personal info. Don’t worry, we will never share it with third parties.

However, by sending us an essay, you agree that we can publish it on our website.

It’s completely free to apply!