Should I Take a Protection Plan?

Purchasing a high-end commercial espresso machine can be risky and having a protection plan may seem like it’s out of the budget. In this article, we’ll discuss why you should (or shouldn’t) take the protection plan when offered at checkout. Our insight may be beneficial to you in the future if your espresso machine is defective at any point.

What Taking a Protection Plan Means

Should have taken a protection plan

Protection plans are self-explanatory, and taking them means you can have your machine serviced or possibly even replaced entirely. If you absolutely love the specifications of the machine, and it’s a pricey machine, you should probably pick up the added protection plan. Choosing the protection plan will help protect your commercial espresso machine in the future, so you don’t have to dish out any additional costs. Having a backup plan like this will actually save you more money in the future, regardless of the lump sum you need to pay for the plan with.

It may seem like a lot of money now, but if a $2,000 machine breaks, you’ll be wishing you spent the $200 on the protection plan. In doing so, you can save $1,800 and still be able to produce your product.

Disadvantages of Choosing a Protection Plan

People who run well-organized businesses tend to keep up with maintenance on machines. Anytime something goes awry with a machine, they’re usually on top of it very quickly and fixing the problem themselves. Those who take care of their machines usually don’t run into too many issues, leaving the extra $200 a lost cost. If you’re someone who takes care of your machines very well, then you may not need the protection plan all that much.

Let us note that if you’re purchasing the machine because your businesses’ foot traffic has increased; the machine may see a higher wear and tear. If it’s a durable machine and you still keep up with the maintenance, you won’t need a protection plan. However, if you don’t know how well you’ll be able to keep up with maintenance on a new machine, you shouldn’t risk the cost –  sign up for a protection plan immediately. It’ll save you thousands in the end!

Don’t Run the Risk

Protection plans that make up more than 20% of the retail price of the machine are actually not worth it, studies show. When a protection plan cost is less than or at 20%, it’s worthwhile. Typically, companies that use a higher percentage for their protection plans know that their machines can be unstable.