The Theory of Weighing Shots: Practicing and Getting It Right

Consistency is key when creating the perfect shot of espresso, and being able to do so in a timely manner is what new baristas dream of. Thankfully, you can still add steps to your espresso routine without adding any time at all. It may seem impossible, but adding these steps can actually reduce the amount of time you spend weighing shots. Practice makes perfect, and we’re here to help you conquer.


Optimization of Workflow


Any workflow that incorporates weighing shots will ultimately always be faster, and even more consistent than those without any weighing steps at all. In order to ensure that your workflow will become optimized and much faster during this process, you need to have two things ready: your scale should be in place, and you should already be pre-grinding the next shot during the extraction of the first shot.


Practicing this can actually reduce the amount of time entirely it takes to create the perfectly consistent espresso shot. After a study with Timothy Sweet of Base Espresso of Australia, this was put to the test.


  • Standard espresso steps, standard barista – 1:02
  • Optimized workflow, Timothy Sweet – 56 seconds


Adding these two phases reduced the amount of time for one consistent espresso shot by 6 seconds. Although this doesn’t sound like much, say you create 30 cups an hour for 6 hours on your shift. In doing this, you shave off about 20 minutes of working time. In the fast-paced world of being a barista in a big city, this is extremely beneficial for downtime or diagnosing other issues and helping customers.


No Excuses, Better Product

Practicing makes perfect and reducing your workflow by 6 seconds per shot will make your life easier, not harder. While “adding” may seem like a task to roll your eyes at, thinking you have enough to do, in doing so, you can REDUCE what you have to do! Practicing will shave off the time it takes to create an espresso while giving the customer better product.


Sure, it may seem like it would be hectic during times where you need to be fast, but perfecting the craft (even practicing at home), can allow you to do so without stressing. If there are seven people in line waiting, you can effectively reduce the amount of time to create seven espressos by 42 seconds. If you can do it even faster than Timothy Sweet of Base Espresso, you can shave as much as you desire off of the espresso creation flow. Get practicing to save time now and deliver a continuous consistency!